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You now have a new customer as I appreciate superb service!

Tony C.

Thank you so much!  I wanted to tell you how wonderful Lisa was to me.  God blessed me with getting to talk with her this morning!  So please let her know how much our conversation meant to me. I have Cove glasses and love them but needed replacement nose piece so I was just checking to see if I could get another pair.  Thanks again!
William U.

Thank you for my wonderful glasses! I love them and they have been wonderful at spotting fish in the water while fishing! I will definitely tell my friends to get them as their next pair of fishing glasses!

Christopher P.


Good company, they are providing warranty sunglasses for lenses that were popping out on left side.  I only sent them in to let them know I was having a problem, didn't expect new sunglasses.  Badass.

Thomas M.


I Just received my new Flying Fisherman sunglasses and WOW! LOVE these at first eye opening in the sun. LOVE THEM!!!! and Thank You.

Michael S.


Flying Fisherman eyewear is a perfect fit for our educational efforts and for our participants. Last year, I ordered two pair of sunglasses to see if they could compete with other brands I have been wearing for years. To my surprise, both performed exceedingly well, far above my expectations, and they have become my go to glasses before leaving the house. I was impressed how these sunglasses sharpened my visual acuity and eliminated the glare allowing me to see deep into the water and spot fish.  I experienced no eye strain and more importantly, they do not slide down my nose while on the water.

Shane Wilson, Founder -


Flying Fisherman Sunglasses are the best and have helped me to compete on the water through all kinds of conditions. Flying Fisherman also has Sunbandits Pro Face Mask and Pro Series gloves which are great products that have helped to protect me from the sun’s harmful rays.

Hal Abshire - Bass Tournament Fisherman


I am impressed with your timely and genuine response to my sunglasses issues and commend you and Flying Fisherman for reaching out to me to resolve my problem.

What I see here is an example of good business ethics which is missing in some arenas these days.

I received the replacement glasses yesterday and the complimentary ball cap which was a nice surprise. I will certainly make good use of it.

Thank you again - John


A much better place to grab sunglasses then the tourist attractions, where the glasses are horrible quality for crazy high prices. Plenty of options for very reasonable prices.

Sarah I.


Thank you I appreciate the kind and timely customer service. I will keep spreading the word up here in Michigan every chance I can about your glasses. 

Thanks again,



I honestly am impressed with your customer service! You and your team are awesome!!!  Thanks again!!!


My wife sells Luxury eye wear and has been trying for years to talk me into a pair of high end glasses...I just keep telling her no thanks and keep ordering my Flying Fisherman glasses! Now I can add great Customer service to the list as well! Thank you again.



I don't fish. I have never been a fan of sunglasses. That is until 2 years ago when I bought a pair from Sport Authority when they were going out of business. I have fallen in love with these glasses! Sadly they met their demise when my toddler decided use my nail file on the lenses! Now I can't find the same pair! I bought Nassau 7380TA. You have that line but they're all reader glasses. Mine weren't reader ones. Do you still sell ones that aren't reader? Can you help me find some!? Even if you can't I just wanted to tell you that your sunglasses are AMAZING and I am such a HUGE fan now! I always hated sunglasses until I tried a pair of yours. Thanks for making such a great product!

A. Larsen


Love the product, great customer service from you and just a pleasure to work with. Thank you so very much!!! I will recommend your products to anyone. Service like you just provided makes a huge difference and Is sincerely appreciated by me. Thank you, thank you!!!! Happy fishing!


Not sure how many of these types of emails you get but I just wanted to say "thank you"! Thank you for making a quality product and an affordable price. Last year, roughly around this same time I was looking for a set of sunglasses. I live in the Texas Hill Country around 5 different lakes, but I was also scheduled to go in September to Colorado for a reunion with a bunch of Marine Corps (USMC) buddies and we would be doing some trout fishing as well. After surveying the field, I stumbled on a good review of your sunglasses. I can't remember where I saw it. I bought a pair and I fell in love with them! They are awesome! I managed to lose them in October and I couldn't stand it. I immediately got online and bought another pair! Same style (Tailer) and everything! I'm thinking I might need to buy another pair just incase I lose the ones I have now!

Just so you know, you're doing a good job and making a great product. Thank you for a great pair of sunglasses! 

Sincerely - Jim Coursey, Pastor Mosaic Community Church Marble Falls, Texas 


I would like to thank you for the help with my sunglasses. I received them today and they are fantastic. I have always bragged on the old glasses to my friends, now I can brag on the service you provide to your customers as well.

Thank You Again - J. Covey, Happy Customer

“I was most impressed with the product overall, especially their lightweight quality. This is important to me because spending a whole day on the water is tough enough on the body without the added pressure of weight on the bridge of my nose or the tops of my ears. Eliminating this added stress that my old pair of glasses, (now retired) was such a relief. If it wasn’t for fact they were polarized glasses, I wouldn’t have known I had them on. I know the better I see the better I fish and Flying Fisherman did just that for me when I sight fished.”
Jody More
Florida Sportsman Editorial Staff

“I just wanted to say thank you for helping me keep from being bit by a 6 to 8 foot shark on Wednesday this week. I was wearing your polarized glasses and fly fishing in Weedon Island Nature Preserve St Pete, FL when I noticed a large torpedo shaped shadow approaching me quickly while wading in waist deep water. Your glasses gave me the advantage of seeing the shark and gave me time to react. As it broke the surface and half heartedly tried to bite me I proceeded to whack it on the nose with my fly rod which made it do an about face and swim off. Had I not seen the shark approaching I might not be typing this right now.”
Thanks again!
Patrick Schroer
Tampa, FL

“Thanks again for your prompt, professional and courteous response to my “dire” needs. From a happy customer that really likes your quality product.”
Take care and many, many thanks.
Jorge Martinez

“I just wanted to say Thank you.... We couldn't find the flying fisherman sunglasses that we wanted. Not only was customer service outstanding, but we received the glasses we were looking for right away. I would like to extend my gratitude.”
Thank you,
Laura and Bryan Reynolds

“Many thanks, all I can say is 'what a company!'”
Toby Bradshaw

“I noticed a difference immediately on the water in the Keys and the same difference here at home in Jacksonville. Just wanted to put them through some testing of my own. I am already a very good fisherman and had Ocean waves and Costa's but I swear I am seeing more fish with your product. I always have more room for more trophies and think maybe good glasses can really make that much more a difference. Pat, I was a Blind man not any more.”
Thank you
Current Kayak Champion
Captain Roger Perry Bump Jr

“Dear flying fisherman, I'd like to thank you for carrying a quality product. I was wearing a pair of your sunglasses when I was hit right in the eye by a softball. The glasses suffered no damage except a scratched lens. Had the lenses broken I may have been blinded.”
Danny Sutton

“I've recently bought a pair of your St Jon glasses (vermillion). They are brilliant! I live and fish in the mountains of North Wales and your glasses have helped me locate brown trout in poor visibility I've not been able to see before with other polarized glasses. They are not only stylish but also incredibly comfortable to wear. Well done, I'll be recommending them.”

John Walker

“It's rare in this day and age to find people and companies that care, even about something as insignificant as a nose pad. Thank you so much for all your trouble.”
Bruce Lange, Joan Lange

“I have been very pleased with dealing with the customer service department at Flying Fisherman. This is the second time I have had to do so, and the interactions have all been amicable and to my satisfaction. This has not been the case with some of the other sunglasses companies I have dealt with in the past, so I feel your organization is setting itself apart from your competition in that manner.”
Thank you for that. And thank you again.
Dr. David Brown

“I received my new pair of sunglasses yesterday and just wanted to thank you for your assistance. I've enjoyed your product over the years and look forward to many more.
Have a great day!”

“...I was out fishing with Capt Mark Schimdt (Key West) he introduced me to FF and I was blown away by the lense clarity, frame build (most other cut corners here) and of course price point. Mark and I had a great light tackle day and I am now a FF card carrying member.”
Keep up the good work!!!

“I appreciate that your company cares about their customers, and takes care of them. That means a lot.”
Thank you

“I'm not a fisherman or a boater. I'm a keen runner, and swear by the "Fathom" and "Polaris" sunglasses. They are extremely lightweight, with maximum coverage on bright days, don't grip the side of my head uncomfortably, and due to the rubber grips never slide down my nose no matter how much I work up a sweat. I highly recommend these sunglasses for runners and bikers, they are perfect.”

“Thanks. You guys are great, I recently fished a tournament on Dale Hollow Lake, located in Middle Tennessee, I was sight fishing and the Fiji's played a major role in my success. My amateur partner was wearing a very expensive pair of shades and the Flying Fisherman Fiji's gave a clearer view through the water.”
Brad Burkhardt

“Thank you very much for creating a great and affordable pair of sunglasses! I received my first pair of Flying Fisherman sunglasses in the tournament bag for the Golden Fly tarpon tournament in Islamorada. I reluctantly tried the Flying Fisherman sunglasses on during the second day of the tournament after I was having trouble seeing the tarpon cross over the dark grassy bottom areas. I immediately started calling out fish coming our way before my guide's trained eyes saw them, and he was standing several feet higher than me on the poling platform!”
“The Flying Fisherman polarized sunglasses perform better than competing polarized sunglasses I have owned which cost more than $300. I am definitely sold on the technology, and I really like how the lenses light up the colors of the water and everything below the surface!”
Many thanks,
Todd Peter

“Congratulations! My 16 yr. old and 19 yr. old sons chose your Palau sunshades in blue and green over MUCH more expensive Costas, Raybans, Wileys, and Maui Jims. They were right - they looked very good in them, so much so that they had to virtually beat the girls off of them while on holiday, cruising in the Hawaiian Islands. Keep up the good work: excellent shades at a better price. True winners in any culture or place.”

“Wanted to thank you guys for a great product and giving me the opportunity to review the Pago sunglasses through the Outdoor Blogger Network. Really a top quality set of sunglasses and they were vital on my recent trip to the San Juan. Check out my full review at”
Thanks again.
Ben Smith

“Just wanted to let you know that I did get the glasses and they are amazing!!!!! I honestly believe that they are the best pair that I have received so far!!!! And they again have shown their toughness. Was out this past Saturday pre-fishing and was throwing a 3/8 oz shaky head, got bit, set the hook and the fish started running. It came up and shook the bait free. It flew back and hit directly on the right lense of the glasses. Not a scratch on them. That was a direct shot from a lead ball and you cant even tell!!!!! Im more impressed with the quality of the glasses everytime I use them!!!!”

“I can't say enough about the Cozumels I received today! I purchased the Amber lens with Green Mirror tint! When I opened the box I was absolutely amazed this is the mirror finish I have been looking for a very long time. I always wanted a green mirror that "faded" or changed to purple at different angles. I have been a Oakley fan for many years and have not purchased anything but Oakley until I purchased these. I honestly did not like the Oakley Emerald (Green) Iridium mirror they offer. And so I Googled "Green Mirror" searching for the right one and finally found your sunglasses. I wore them outside as soon as I got them to see how polarized lenses differed from regular. I have never purchased polarized before because honestly I felt it was not worth paying the extra money. I felt it was a sales pitch gimic! I honestly have no use for polarization because I hardly fish. But after today I realized how much polarization effects every thing you see especially driving in bright sunlight and the reflections off of windshields! What a difference I am now a TRUE believer in polarized sunglasses! Everything is so much clearer and defined like road and street signs! A HUGE thanks to you guys for a AWESOME sunglass at a very affordable price! Thanks for not charging $100.00 or more for these EXTREME QUALITY glasses! You have FAR exceeded my expectations in another brand that I would recommend very HIGHLY to anyone! You won me over and that is hard to do!!!”
Tyler Franz
Hutchinson KS

I am messaging you from Zimbabwe. As you can see, I am wearing my trusted Maverick, I never move without them."
Best regards
Roberto Bertoletti

"Thanks a ton! I gotta say I love my FF glasses, and talk them up at every tourney and gathering!!"
Curtis Wright
Pro Staff

"Thanks for the quick turnaround on getting me my Pro Staff package, after 1 day on the lake I can tell everything I have read about Flying Fisherman sunglasses is true."
Tim Wike
Pro Staff

Just wanted to drop a line to say how pleased I am with the Flying Fisherman line of sunglasses, I am not a fisherman but enjoy the styles, quality, and clarity that your line of glasses offer. You really do not need to be a fisherman to take advantage of the Master Angler Series Polarized Lenses, it is amazing all of the things that I can now see that my previous (non Flying Fisherman eyewear) offers me. I have been a customer for years, and will continue being a happy customer, the 3 levels or series of glasses you offer are all outstanding. Here is a fact: I destroy sunglasses, your product lasts much longer than others that I have owned, but even your outstanding line can not stay with me, not because of it?s quality, but because I leave or loose glasses about as fast as I loose my hair. Because you offer so many different and cool styles, I have several sunglasses in my possession and as I leave them somewhere, I replace often at my favorite Wal-Mart.
Thanks Flying Fisherman!
Art Nardin III
VP; Production & Operations

I deal with customer service situations often, both as a customer and in my professional arena. Your customer service was impeccable. Please email me the name and contact information of your supervisor if you would be so kind.
Thank you,
David Brown

I've been using Flying Fisherman sunglasses for a few years now and I love them. They are comfortable and affordable and do an excellent job of cutting down the glare off the water. Wearing sunglasses while fishing also has another important meaning for me, Safety! I lost an eye when I was a kid in a streethockey accident. I won't fish without a good pair glasses on my face. I have had at least one occasion where my pair of Flying Fisherman glasses has saved me from possibly being blind.
Doug LePage
Reg.Maine Guide

Just wanted you to know that I have had new artificial lens implants and can see 20/20 for the first time in mylife. The first thing I did when they removed the patch after the last surgery was drive over to Capt. Harry's in Miami and buy a pair of Flying Fisherman sunglasses. I now have Flying Fisherman sunglasses stuck every where. I can buy a whole rack of them for the price I used to pay for one pair of prescription polaroids. They are every bit as wonderful as yo uhave always told me. I am a born-again Flying Fisherman addict. Keep up the good work and have a wonderful Holiday season.
Dave Whitney

I wrote an article a couple of years back on safety and fishing, where I shared an experience in which a client on a guide trip hit me directly in the eye with a big Muskie lure. Had it not been for my Flying Fisherman sunglasses, I'm sure that I would have been lying on an emergency room table too, Thanks!
Colby Simms
Simms Outdorrs 2-2-07 

Thank you for the quick response. The customer service department at Flying Fisherman is second to none...
Josh Knable

I got the Sunglasses yesterday and as before...they're the bomb. Thanx. These are somewhat flatter then my other ones. My eyelashes touch the lenses on these...Easily fixed with nose pads. I've had many many sunglasses, including the $450 Polaroid titanium framed variety. Any Flying fisherman types are scores better then any other sunglasses I've ever had...howzat? This pair will go across the USA when I do my bicycle trip next year. Y'all oughta be proud of yourselves.
Thanx again,
George Quinn - Fla

"I just wanted you and eveyone with your company know how pleased I was after a day of fishing, (sight casting for REDFISH in the Mosquito Lagoon) while wearing your product. I am a local charter captain and tournament angler that fishes the IFA Redfish Tour, FLW Redfish Series and other local events.
I took a break fishing from my boat and went along with a friend on his, while driving to the ramp I remembered I had forgotten my over priced, expensive glasses in my boat. Not wanting to be on the water without a pair , I stopped off at a Bait and Tackle store in Oak Hill, Florida, I went in to see what they had and found your display. I had remembered reading about your glasses in a NEW Product section in a magazine and that they were good and I would not have to take out a second mortgage to purchase a pair, I found a pair of amber lenes with the green reflective mirror finish with side covers that would suit my needs. I paid 20 bucks for them plus tax and off I went. Once the morning sun came out and required me to put your glasses on I did so and found out something new today, Flying Fisherman worked just as good if not better then the Ocean Waves, Costa Del Mars or Solar Bat glasses I have worn in the past. I am a firm believer in the saying,
"Expensive glasses aren't necessarily good and good glasses necessarily expensive!" So now if I lose or sit on my FF glasses, I know I wont feel too bad. LOL
Well, enough of that, I went out and bought 3 more glasses to set aside for my clients and one for me for the truck. Thanks again and I hope for you and your staff a Happy and successful year ahead. If there is anything I can do for you to get the word out or a personaal endorsement feel free to use my name!"
Capt Steve Alqueza

I would like to let you know that the Eclipse #7389ca has helped me achieve over 50 world records for my customers and myself in the last 2 years. Rebecca Reynolds set over 42world records fishing with me in the last 2 years. She was the female saltwater angler of the year, and female fly angler of the year in 2003. Last year she was the 3rd place female angler in the world, 1st place female angler in the world for fresh water fish, and tied for 2nd place for female angler in the world for fly. I was awarded the 3rd place captain in the world for saltwater fish, and 2nd place captain in the world for fresh water fish. These awards were awarded by the IGFA. Rebecca also wears your sunglasses. I am a proud member of your pro staff and could not have been so successful without your sunglasses. I also helped several others achieve world records in the children's category.
Thank you,
Capt. Jay Wright Jr.

By the way, this is my third pair of Flying Fisherman sunglasses that I have purchased and in my opinion they are the best ever. Thanks.
Shane Coleman

Just thought I'd tell you my story. I bought my first pair of Flying Fisherman sunglasses at a super Wal-mart store while living in Florida and working on the beach. I paid no more than $20 for them and they turned out to be the best pair of sunglasses I'd ever owned. I kept up with those things for a good two years (surprisingly enough) and the day that I was telling someone that exact same thing, I lost them in the ocean! For some reason or another, I didn't get another pair. I want to say that I went back to Wal-mart but they no longer had that particular style. Well, here it is about 3 years later and I went to Wal-mart again in search of these sunglasses, and the Flying Fisherman brand wasn't there at all. So I went to the Sunglass Hut and paid $207 for two pair that don't even come close in comparison to the quality. So I decided to look on the internet, found you guys, so the $100 pairs will be going back first thing tomorrow morning. I absolutely love these sunglasses, and I'm so glad that I know now where to find them. Thanks for making a great product at an unbeatable price.
Lisa Rosato

While traveling across the country filming for "The Christian Angler Television Series" it is very crucial that we have a great pair of sunglasses. Whether we're bass fishing in Florida or trout fishing in Arkansas it is very important that we have great UV protection and comfort. Most important to our success is our ability to see in shallow water. That's why the Master Angler series is our choice of sunglasses. Being in television it is quiet easy to find companies wanting us to promote their sunglasses. We've chosen to promote the "best". It's only Flying Fisherman for us. Give them a try, you will not be disappointed.
Tony Sellars
Host & Exec. Producer - The Christian Angler Television Show

Flying Fisherman Pro Staff Member

I just wanted to say how pleased I am with my Flying Fisherman Sunglasses. This is my second year as a member of your prostaff and I couldn't be happier with my Action Angler Kingston glasses. I fish bass tournaments exclusively and the majority of those I am fishing in very shallow water. Without my Flying Fisherman Sunglasses I would not be able to see the submerged stumps, weed lines, and rocks that bass love to hide behind. The glasses are so light and comfortable, I sometimes forget that I have them on! You have a great product and I am so proud to be a part of the Flying Fisherman team. In bass tourmanent circles, polarized glasses are as important as any other tool we use, and I love to show off my Flying Fisherman at tournaments.
Ron Niswonger

I've been using the Kingstons I received earlier this year and I feel they are great glasses for the money. Just wanted to let you guys know I really enjoy your product and I tell everyone whenever I get the chance. I can't wait to try your higher end glasses after getting such good service out of the Kingstons. Thanks again and I'm proud to be on your freshwater prostaff.
James Robbins

I've been using several pairs of Flying Fisherman polarized sunglasses, in different lens shades. I've fished in both freshwater and saltwater for many different species of sport fish across North America. From Mexico, through the US and into Canada, in any weather and water condition, your glasses make it possible to see far into the depths where big fish lurk. I've found your glasses to be of the highest quality, the best that I've ever used. The smoke colored lenses are excellent for fishing during bright sunny conditions. Flying Fisherman smoke lenses reduce glare better than any other lens that I've used. I've found the amber lenses optimum during the low light periods of early morning and late evening. Amber lenses also excel at anytime that skies are cloudy and overcast. They gather fading light allowing me to see deep into the water even during the lowest light conditions. All shades of Flying Fisherman lenses make spotting sport fish and bait fish much easier. They also make it possible to see structural changes and pieces of cover deep under the water, while eliminating eye stain. The members of my outdoor team, The Simms Sport Fishing & Hunting Team, have also been using your products with great success. My team members and I agree that Flying Fisherman produces the best polarized fishing optics that we've ever used. With your help, we're able to guide our fishing clients to very impressive catches throughout Missouri, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Ontario. Thank you for providing products that enable us to locate and catch more and bigger fish during our tournaments, guided fishing trips, and recreational days on the water.
Flying Fisherman Pro Staff Member
Colby Simms

The Mirage and the Eclipse sunglasses have been enjoyable as well as essential in guarding my eyes from glare and UV rays. I fish better because I see better while on the water and I highly recommend your eyewear to everyone. Your glasses are both stylish and functional and I wouldn't be caught outdoors without a pair.
Mike Lambeth - Outdoor Writer

Thanks. You guys are great, I recently fished a tournament on Dale Hollow Lake, located in Middle Tennessee, I was sight fishing and the Fiji's played a major role in my success. My amateur partner was wearing a very expensive pair of shades and the Flying Fisherman Fiji's gave a clearer view through the water
Brad Burkhardt

I have been wearing your Elites for sailing, driving, and yes, even fishing, ever since I was a mate at Robbies Marina in Islamorada in the early 90's. My last pair of amber's finally gave up the ghost... the frames can no longer be repaired. Found your website this afternoon, and placed an order with Discount Marine for more glasses. Thank you for a wonderful, and affordable, product. I haven't found anyone else's, at any price, that I have liked as well as these.
Warren Carl

"...I have been wearing your sunglasses for almost 10 years and love them. I first bought them in Florida and have been buying 6 pairs every time I go to Florida..."
Chris Doorly
Barnegat, NJ

"...I just returned from a flyfishing trip in the Eastern Sierras and a friend of mine had a pair of your glasses. I borrowed them for one afternoon and could not believe how great they were. I could see fish under shadows covering the surface as clear as if they were on dry land! You have just taken away my last excuse as a fisherman: I used to say that I couldn't see the fish!! Thanks"
Jesus & Cindy Dominguez

"...I have owned 3 pairs of these sunglasses and it was about 8 years when I bought them and I have one pair left. I really have enjoyed Flying Fisherman glasses and I tell people about them being polarized glass and to try them. They are impressed. Flying Fisherman polarizes glasses is the only way to go in my opinion. I will order more tomorrow. Thanks"
Robet C DeGrippo
Lawrenceville, GA

"...I work at Bass Pro Outdoor World in Dania Florida. My job is receiving...I check in all the UPS, Fed Ex, etc. I checked in some of your Flying Fisherman T-shirts the other day and thought they were awsome! Gotta have one! Especially the one with the Tarpon on it!! Thank you for making a great looking T-shirt.
Ginny Gilland
Ft Lauderdale, FL

"...we need Flying Fisherman sunglasses here in Northern Alaska. I'm catching lots of Salmon on fly and jigging Halibut on 20lb. Everybody wants my sunglasses! Help...send some to us A.S.A.P."
Michael Wilson

" friend lost his beloved Flying Fisherman sunglasses and has grieved long enough over his loss so I am going to break down and give him a pair for Christmas. Thanks for being there."
Kate Wylly

" husband "swears by" your sunglasses and is now wearing a pair that is sooooo old! I am interested in purchasing your sunglasses locally in addition to receiving a catalog.
Cynthia Daves
Temple Terrace, FL

"... I have used the same pair of your sunglasses for the past ten years. I bought them in Islamorada Florida Keys while on holiday in 1989. They have been the best sunglasses I've ever tried (and this is not said lightly) due to having professional fishing friends who get a wide range of products to try out. How much would it cost for a pair of Pro Teardrop 7565p including shipping to the UK. Thank you very much."
Keith Owen

"...I want to thank you for the sunglasses which you gave me. You have a great product that I have no hesitancy in recommending to any fisherman or outdoorsman. Sincerely"
Zoro Guice
Hendersonville, N.C.

"...thank you for producing a great product. I am on my second pair of Flying Fisherman's. My first pair I bought in Annapolis and loved them. I loaned them to my brother who dropped them overboard. It took several years before I came across them again. My wife got a pair too and now we can both see under the water with our Flying Fisherman's. Keep up the good work, and good luck."
David B. Corson

"...I spoke with you today in reference to dealer locations so that I may purchase your sunglasses. I read the accolades users had for product and I agree with their satisfaction in your product. I've had a pair of your sunglasses for 18 months and are very pleased with them. Thanks."
Art Magrini
Emerson, NJ

"The Cay Sal are some of the nicest glasses I've ever owned.  Just a great pair of glasses"

Capt. Mike Julian

"I am a kayak fisherman and the last few years I have used Flying Fisherman.  I have tried more expensive brands such as Costa, Maui Jim, Oakly and none seem to work as well as yours.  I have three pairs of the magnums & I love them!"

Donald Boggs

Got my nose pads yesterday. Thank you very much Lisa for everything! Flying Fisherman has the Best customer service! You Rock!


After years of buying inferior sunglasses or spending way too much money, i walked out of your showroom today a very happy man. my beautiful customer service angels, LISA and BRITTANY, guided me to a superior set of FALCON bifocal glasses. thank you very much!

Captian Chuck Brodzki

Great sunglasses, great apparel and great prices. What really makes the store stand out is the employees! They always have a smile and are eager to help you. Every time I go in they make you feel like you're an old friend. A true pleasure. You will not be disappointed.
Tony C.


I truly appreciate you getting back to me and locating the parts I needed for my sunglasses in such a timely fashion.  I wanted to express that as a business owner myself I must admit, this says a lot for your company.  These are my favorite sunglasses & I hope to get many more seasons from them.  With Consideration on the quality of your company’s products, its staff and how seriously you take your clientele, I am most decidedly going to highly recommend Flying Fisherman in the future. 

R. Mazurkiewicz


“First off I'd like to state the extreme pleasure I have received from the performance of the above glasses (Mirage 7395). For the past year they have been used daily on and off the water and I never had a complaint. But, alas, the inevitable has come to pass. While bending over to retrieve a snook, a flip of its tail knocked off my glasses. Fortunately the straps saved them from a watery grave. While leaning over the gunnels I must have rubbed them up against something causing a scratch on the right lens. This, by no means, is a reflection on your workmanship. This is simply a request to purchase a replacement set of lenses for my glasses. The frames are as good as the day I purchased them and I thought this would be a less expensive alternative than total replacement. Thank you for any time and effort spent on this request. “
Larry Ransom

“I am wearing one of two pair of new glasses that I just received before I left for this trip from Flying Fisherman. The glare reduction is really perfect. When I can find water clear enough the penetration is good for underwater vision, however the color of the water on this trip is not good for much of that so far. I have a pair of amber lens as well as pair of dark colored lens. They are part of their Tournament Angler series of glasses and are the Pro Horizon models. They are a pretty conservative looking with polished optical glass lens. They have maximum UV protection and utilize the Acutint Polarized Sunlens system. For only $22.95 each which included the side Glareshields I find them hard to beat out there on the market today. Take a look at and check out what they have to offer. I believe you will find them both effect protection and a good work tool plus very affordable. And if you are not an old fuddy duddy like I am you will find many current up to date styles available as well.“

“I want to thank all at flyingfisherman. This past week I had a client bounce a 1oz. cobia jig off my Kingston's you all sent me in my pro-staff package. They didn't break or crack, I got a good scratch but saved me from serious damage to my eye. Thanks again great product. “
Capt. Steve & Mary Bowman
Flats Magic Charters <*)))><
Melbourne, Florida

“Just wanted to say it's about time a company came out with a pair of sunglasses like this that incorporates style and quality. I've searched countless stores from sports authority, online sites, department stores, none had a pair of sunglasses that had both the stylish mirror lenses and polarized features that fishermen look for. Unless of course you make a $100+ investment for Costa Del Mars or Ocean Waves. I personally look for value and quality, so I own 1 pair of Flying Fisherman's, looking to own at least 2-3 more in the coming weeks. Fished the surf a few days ago, had the Flying Fishermen's on, took a wave and went underwater a few seconds, not a scratch or signs of corrosion to the hinges the following day, amazing. Congratulations to your company and staff, looking forward to more great products from you, I don't plan on returning any defective sunglasses, I'll just buy new ones, they're worth every cent. I plan to be a customer for a very long time. “
Paul Ramos

“I would like to thank you for extending the opportunity to join the Flying Fisherman Pro Staff, and for the fine products that you sent. I have used your Kingston Sunglasses on the water, and have found them to be of great quality. They not only reduce glare, but also seem to gather fading light, allowing me to see much deeper into the water. On a guide trip yesterday at Lake Kinkaid in Southern Illinois, your sunglasses helped me to spot several fish that my client could not see. At the start of the day, I was able to pick out a beautiful largemouth bass that was carefully hidden among several stumps in the early morning light. After the casting angle was calculated, the pitch was made. The 6 pound bass ate the Dunn's Big Bite Premium Lure and was promptly boated for photos. During midday, I was able to spot a big muskie that was positioned near wood cover in stained water. The result was a perfectly placed cast that resulted in a 30 pound class muskie in the boat for photos and a quick release. This beast capped off a great day with lots of fish in the boat. Again, thank you very much for the great products. I'll be testing your sunglasses on a daily basis, and I'm sure that they will continue to help my clients and I catch more and bigger fish. Have a great day.“
Colby Simms
Simms Sport Fishing And Hunting Team
Valles Mines, MO

“I just received my first pair of Flying Fisherman sunglasses and had the chance to field test them over a 4 day period of fishing. Let me start by saying t hey retail for $15.95. I have had two pairs of H2Optix, both $60+. I will use these as comparisons. First off, comfort goes hands down to the Flying Fisherman's. Polarization- both are very good. Clarity- flying fisherman. Another category important to me is how much wind is kept out-again flying fisherman. Lastly, I can buy 4 pairs at the retail price for what one pair of the others would cost.“
Jeremy Justice

“I had a pair of Flying Fisherman that I mainly used for fly fishing for trout. Worked great also - they performed just as well as the more expensive brands I have had.“

“Flying Fisherman... are great glasses and they are very affordable. The top of their line is about a third of other brands and the quality is as good or better. Check them out.“
Thomas E. Hack

“I just wanted to drop a line, thanking you for choosing me for your pro--staff. I have been wearing Flying Fisherman clip-ons for about 15 years now and just like Coach Bobby Knight said losing them as well. The sunglasses are just as an important part of my tackle bag as any lure. They (sunglasses) work well in removing the glare and allowing me to see fish in the water. The pro-staff package was great. But I will be needing a few pairs of clip-ons, the 7510 in both smoke and amber. I would like to give you some info about myself. I am 52 years old , married with two children. I have been tournament bass fishing since 1980. I am currently fishing Wal-Mart Bass Fishing League division of FLW Outdoors. Once again I say thank you very much and I will promote your products as hard as can.“
Keith E. Davis

“Hi my name is Manuel Figueroa I am a (hardcore) amatuer flats fisherman in Florida. In the past I have purchased much more expensive polarized glasses thinking this was the way to go. I recently purchased a pair of flying fisherman glasses and they perform as good or better for a fraction of the cost. Thanks.“
Manuel Figueroa

“I just finished my journal entry for the trip I made this last week and thought I would forward you a copy: I am wearing one of two pair of new glasses that I just received before I left for this trip from Flying Fisherman. The glare reduction is really perfect. When I can find water clear enough the penetration is good for underwater vision, however the color of the water on this trip is not good for much of that so far. I have a pair of amber lens as well as pair of dark colored lens. They are part of their Tournament Angler series of glasses and are the Pro Horizon models. They are a pretty conservative looking with polished optical glass lens. They have maximum UV protection and utilize the Acutint Polarized Sunlens system. For only $22.95 each which included the side Glareshields. I find them hard to beat out there on the market today. Take a look at and check out what they have to offer. I believe you will find them both effect protection and a good work tool plus very affordable. And if you are not an old fuddy duddy like I am you will find many current up to date styles available as well.“

“I just wanted to say thanks for the kick ass visor and Kingston sunglasses. They're awesome, I have my visor on right now and the terry cloth is so soft, feels great and looks good. I've been wearing Flying Fisherman sunglasses for a year now. I don't think I ever buy a different brand. My pair of Islanders were great this fishing season, but that ended couple weeks ago, when I back over them with the truck lenses were fine frame took the beating. I think it's great what you doing selling high quality glasses at a great rate. I let everybody know it's the only pair of glasses they'll ever see on my face.“
Joel Vasek
p.s. tested over 225 day on water

“I fish a tournament trail in East TN that is very competitive. Oct. 18 I won the last regular season tourny on the trail. The tournament was fished on Cherokee Lake outside of Morristown TN. My total weight was 19.01 lbs. ...I'm promoting the fire out of these (Flying Fisherman) shades, and looking rather good in them I might add! “
Brad Burkhart
Speedwell, TN

“Thanks for the new sunglasses. I have been using them and they are great. …I sight fish for REDFISH, Speckled Trout, Flounder in Shallow water.“
Captain Mike Gallo

“Thanks for the pro staff package. You have great products that I am proud to have an opportunity to help promote.“
Dwayne Hagler

“I love my glasses and have had them for over a year. I would not think about leaving the dock without them. The lenses are scratched up and I need some new ones. The model is Maverick 7812. Please let me know.“

“I started to wear my new FF sunglasses on Friday you gave them to me and hasn't put them down (except of my bed). They are great!!! I have seen so much fish in rivers, lakes and a dam in the Czech Republic I couldn't believe it (I looked with glasses, without, with again and what a difference). Fishing has been double pleasure since. I caught my best carp on Sunday with your sunglasses.“
Lucie Petrickova
Tackle Trade World

“I have been using the pairs of glasses I received from you for about two months now, here are my impressions: Eclipse-Great glasses, lightweight, great field of vision and wont fog up. I love the vermillion color lens for all conditions. The only thing I would have liked as an option would be the vermillion lens with red mirror. Mirage-Another fine pair of glasses, same benefits as the others. Please keep making a great pair of glasses at a great price! “
Jay Pollard
Tournament Director
Eastern Bassmasters

“I am desperately trying to find a replacement pair of Flying Fisherman sunglasses. In all my years of wearing polarized lenses the only product that even comes close to the quality of yours is Costa Del Mar. And I refuse to pay that kind of money for a pair of glasses that will most likely end up in the bottom of Aransas Bay or in this case lost. At any rate, any help you could be would be greatly appreciated. “
Jared Bays
Austin, TX

“I have a story about the durability of the Flying Fisherman sunglasses. Myself and fellow pro staff member Hal Abshire were fishing a tournament this past Saturday on Shearron Harris Lake in North Carolina. I was wearing a pair of the 7395 Mirage sunglasses as we were blasting off. Hal has an accessories holder in the pedestal seat in the front of his boat, and on this particular morning, he had a couple cans of fish attractants in aerosol can in the holder. As we reached approximately 65 mph, one of the caps came off of one of the cans. It flew back, and hit directly on the lens portion of the glasses. It startled me to say the least, but to my amazement, that was it. The glasses performed one of their important functions, protection of angler's eyes. The only damage that happened is a mark on the lenses where the cap hit. There was no cracking, breaking or any other damage, most importantly to me.
I just want to thank you for making such a great product, because this could have been a very serious accident if not for your glasses. “
Brian Adams
Flying Fisherman Pro Staff

“Thanks so much once again for your fast and very efficient service and the glasses fit like a glove. Long may you sell the Havanas. We again have Florida weather today for the 10th day running with more forecast so the glasses will be well used out on the Solent! I shall put a note on my Website Forum about your glasses along with a link to your Website. I shall also put a link to your website on our LINKS page“
Tony Hamilton-Hunt
Website, Archives and Magazine Editor at

“I had recently purchased a couple of pair of Flying Fisherman sunglasses from Charlie's in Ocracoke Island about a month ago. He sent them to me in the mail to Coeburn, Virginia. This morning I was pressure washing the underside of my rollback truck (Big Bertha) with a brand new Troy 2850 pressure sprayer. I was wearing your glasses. Suddenly, I heard a loud bang and before I knew it I was hit in the face with something. It knocked the glasses off. As I turned around to see what had happened, I saw the pressure washer pump assembly laying on the sidewalk in pieces. It appeared that the aluminum casing had cracked and the entire pump assembly exploded off the machine. As that happened a bolt flew apart from the machine, ricocheted off the truck tool box and slammed into my face. The lens didn't shatter, but a vertical crack was made right in the center of it from bottom to top and the ear piece broke away as well. I think if I had not had the glasses on this morning, I would certainly have been seriously injured or even lost an eye. I just wanted to say thanks for a quality product and will be getting a replacement from Charlie very soon.“
Tom Whitman

“From the day that Flying Fisherman Pro Staff member Hal Abshire gave me a pair of your glasses, I have been hooked! I have bought various brands and styles from other companies, and can honestly say that your product out performs them in every way. As a professional fisherman, one of the most important aspects of the day is the ability to see. You have to be able to focus on little subtleties in the water, which you would not be able to see with the naked eye. Since I have been using your product, my visibility in the water has increased 100 times. Whether it was actually locating bedding fish or spotting submerged brush and trees that I wouldn't be able to find, your product had without a doubt helped me catch fish.“
Brian Adams
Fayetteville, NC

“I am a news photographer and my pair of Flying Fisherman teardrop glass lenses may have saved my peepers momentarily before they were crushed and blown off my head as Tower One of the WTC fell on me while photographing the horrific events of 911. I need replacements and would like to try a Vermillion lens type pair of the new (Master Angler) series in addition to a replacement teardrop aviator. As staff photographer on medical leave for the New York Post I a recovering on light duty as I was nearly blinded permanently. Thank you for a great product.“
Mike Alexander
Staff Photographer - New York Post

“Further to me email, I have spoken to the guys at and they have your Viper sunglasses available now, so I'll be placing an order with them. Thank you very much for your patience and help. I will be sure to tell all my mates who I go fishing with about your company and the excellent service you gave me.“
Rob Elias

“I would appreciate if you could send me a free catalog. I've owned several of your sunglasses over the years and think they're great. Especially for fishing.“
Salvatore Polizotto
Lindenhurst, NY

“Both pairs of (Flying Fisherman) sunglasses are awesome. The lenses offer an extremely crisp view, and the overall look is stylish while very functional. Both are awesome!! When are the Mirage's available? You have some very nice eyewear at great prices.“
Mike Lambeth - Outdoor Writer
Edmond, OK

“I'm Storm Rutcho, webmaster of the Carolina Bassers website in North Carolina. Mr.Hal Abshire gave mea pair of your (Flying Fisherman) sunglasses for the work I do for the club. I've been using them at every tournament and just love them.“
Storm Rutcho - Webmaster
Sponsored by Domino's Pizza of Sanford, NC

“I bought my dad 4 of the Snook, Flying Fisherman caps, he loves it so much, he keeps on bugging me on where I bought the caps. I just keep laughing. Your designs are extremely beautiful and most importantly, the products are really detailed in design. The best I have ever seen!...Thank you so very much,“
Stacie YeeKeow
Miami, FL

“Flying Fisherman polarized eyewear offers high performance approaching that of the premium lenses on today's market - at a fraction of the cost. I recommend flats anglers own several pairs of these inexpensive, top-value sunglasses.“
Alan Caolo
author of Sight-Fishing for Striped Bass

“I've been sight fishing the (Florida) Keys flats since I was a kid and know polarized sunglasses are a must… or don't even bother trying! Flying Fisherman has the absolute best tint and quality for the money of any product out there. I've been using them ever since. I can have any pair of sunglasses I want from any optical manufacturer in the industry but I'd rather use Flying Fisherman products.“
Glenn Flutie
Flutie Outdoor Advertising

“I'm currently using your glasses that were a part of a package given to Metro Rod & Gun Editors during one of our trips down there. I find them very light and comfortable even after years of using big name $100 plus brands.“
Al Ristori
Nationally Syndicated Outdoor Columnist

“...the Flying Fisherman sunglasses arrived and were the hit of the Boy Scout Tournament at The Ocean Reef Club. Former President Bush was at the kickoff, along with golfing legend Arnold Palmer. Thanks again.“
Jim Hardie
Nationally Syndicated Outdoor Columnist

“I have been wearing Flying Fisherman sunglasses for over 18 years now. I still have one of the first pair I bought back then and don't even have a scratch on them after all these years of fishing. They are so good that I will never wear anything else. I am a 3rd generation Miamian and can honestly say that your glasses have greatly contributed to helping me establish over 60 records with the IGFA. I would be honored to represent your company by being on your Pro Staff.“
Capt. Jay Wright, Jr.
Miami, FL

“While I was on vacation recently in Summerville S.C…I bought a pair of Flying Fisherman sunglasses. I broke them and I am devastated! They were my FAVORITE sunglasses of all the ones I’ve ever owned.”
Denise Whitman
Vero Beach, FL

“I bought two pairs of your 7853 (Ocean Sport) one each amber and smoke. They are without a doubt amongst the finest sunglasses I have ever owned and not only are they durable and robust, but are unbeatable for all-round water activity use and excellent as driving glasses as well. Congratulations on producing a fine, top-value-for-the-money product. You have a customer…and product ambassador for life…”
Alex Stamp
Johannesburg, South Africa

"I've been on the water my entire life-from the Chesapeake to the Bahamas. For years I spent hundreds of dollars on expensive, polarized sunglasses that I either broke or lost. Then I discovered Flying Fisherman sunglasses-hands down the best quality product at the best price on the market. Now I don't go to sea without them."
Capt. Peter Godtel
Miami, FL

“ I’ve been wearing your #7536 glasses for quite sometime and I love how great I can see in the water with them. But most of all I love how safe they are. I do electrical work, and one day a photo electric eye blew up in my face and embedded a big piece of copper right in the center of the glass. From that day on I swore by them. I wish they were safety approved.”
Bob Scalzo
Raleigh, N.C.

“Flying Fisherman sunglasses are the best sunglasses I’ve had the pleasure of wearing not only for fishing but anytime I go outside. I’ve got three pair right now and my girlfriend also wears them and feels the same way I do! Thanx a lot for the best glasses on the market….Sincerely”
Victor Clark
St. Petersburg, FL

I want to tell you guys THESE ARE THE BEST SUNGLASSES I HAVE EVER OWNED IN MY WHOLE LIFE!!! I'm 17 years old. I really love these sunglasses (and) I'm not lying to you! I wear them all the time. I even fell asleep with them on before. Thank you??
Rebecca Ann Hulse
Pryor, Oklahoma

I was surfing the web and found your site. Was worth risking hot water with the boss your designs just blew me away! I collect tarpon T-shirts and have assembled a vast array of them over the past 15 years or so, but I have never seen anything quite like the artwork that you sell. Just beautiful. I had to send an order right away!
Dave Flegel
Atlanta, GA

I'm happy to provide the following testimonial. I purchased a pair of 7835 sunglasses a couple of years ago and have been very pleased. I've found them to be durable, comfortable and effective. And when you combine that with a great price, we're talking real value! I lose a lot of sunglasses and I'm sure the only reason I've managed to keep this pair so long is that I like them so much. Thanks for a great product!
Dan Kennaley
Fly Fishing Editor
Ontario Out Of Doors Magazine

I picked up a pair of Flying Fisherman sunglasses about two years ago. It wasn?t until a (recent) trip to Disney World that I truly realized the superb clarity and performance qualities of Flying Fisherman sunglasses. During this trip I was looking into a stream and was able to see fish from high atop a bridge in the Magic Kingdom, unfortunately my family wearing standard sunglasses were unable to see the fish. My son was awed by this ability. While (on a trip to England) I spoke very highly of Flying Fisherman sunglasses with family and friends (all avid fishermen). Now I have requests from England for Flying Fisherman sunglasses!
Walter Flores
Master Sergeant - US Marine Corps
Jacksonville, NC

I bought a pair of your tournament series glasses 4 years ago and I can honestly say that they have helped me spot more fish in the water than I ever thought possible. Catching them has been another story! I'm interested in getting a pair for my father and my wife.
Jesus Dominguez
University of Southern California

Last year I came across your fine products in the Bahamas, on Andros Island, where I've vacationed and brought clients bonefishing for years. One of my guides there had received a pair of your glasses as a gift and raved about them. I tried them and had to agree. For the money, they were the best I'd seen. Since I can personally recommend your product?s effectiveness and appropriateness in two venues, Striped Bass flats and Bonefish flats I thought I'd contact you.
Capt Michael Eichenseer
Chathamport, MA

I recently purchased a pair of Cayman Flying Fisherman sunglasses and I love them! Their polarization is excellent and their fit is as good as sunglasses that I have paid $60 to $70 for.
John Dow
Camden, ME

First of all, I am very pleased with the performance of your products over the past 12 to13 years. I was wondering if you had any promotional items that you could (send) me to display while assisting you in advertising your companies quality products on all of my many fishing and hunting trips in Newfoundland, Labrador, Northern Ontario, Northern Alberta and other places in the future. Keep up the great work!
Eugene Hynes
Grand Falls-Windsor, Nf & Lab.

I have used your product for over ten years and would not use anything else.
Jim Dutch
Villa Park, CA

I went in search for your site on the advice of a Florida expatriate that lives here in Yap. I asked for the best polarized lens on the market and Flying Fisherman was the first thing out of his mouth. What would it take to become a dealer?
Lonnie Fread
Yap, FM (Micronesia)

I went to the only place I know of to get a new pair of your (Flying Fisherman) sunglasses. I have never had a pair of sunglasses that lasted as long as your?s do. I finally sat on them after 2 years of enjoyment. Actually, I sat on them several times until I finally did them in beyond repair!
Rhett Williams
Summerville, SC

I have been buying your products for about six or seven years and think that for the price they are the best there is. The quality is better than glasses costing twice as much and in some cases even more. I can not see paying a hundred dollars or more for glasses that I am eventually going to break or loose. My current pair has lasted well over a year and have held up beautifully under less than optimum conditions. I purchase your products through Crook & Crook tackle shops but have not seen much advertising for your company. I found your website through a link in Florida My favorite type is the #7565, teardrop in black. Once again, thank you, it is hard to find many companies who turn out a quality product at such a great price and when I find one I like to let them and anyone else who may be interested in that product know how satisfied I am.
Daniel Moeller

"...Ever since my wife broke my last pair of Jimmy Houston glass polarized I've been on the lookout for another set. These Flying Fisherman glass polarizeds are lighter than the Jimmy Houston ones. I really like them."
Ward Ruby

"Between your sunglasses, shirts and caps, I am a walking poster-boy for Flying Fisherman products--and darn proud of it. Keep up the great work."
Kevin Lamont
Lake Orion, MI

"...I conned a pair of your sunglasses from a friend of mine that uses them religiously. What a great product! They are my absolute favorite, and I wear them all summer long."

"...I have a pair of your 7565 which are easily the best sunnies I have ever owned. I would like a couple pairs of your newer styles i.e. Caymans or Stalkers. Can you tell me here in New Zealand I can get them?"
Tony Cox
Wellington, New Zealand

"...I presently use your sunglasses on a daily basis, I have found none better regardless of price. Congratulations on a great product."
Tom Akers
Middleboro, MA